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May 07, 2021  

The pandemic has taken the pressure off forced interactions and allowed us time to reevaluate boundaries around physical touch, experts say. "It's been helpful in the sense that people get to have a little more personal autonomy, you don't have to follow that social contract that has been set up of how you are supposed to greet people," says Ashley Peterson, a licensed psychotherapist . Shafia Zaloom, a health educator at the Urban School in San Francisco , says this social contract has caused some people to minimize their discomfort in the past "and just accept physical greetings like handshakes and hugs because they are the perceived norm." "Many get the message that … it's only a handshake and it would be impolite to offer anything otherwise," Zaloom says, adding this idea is ingrained in us from childhood. It's a common tale: An adult relative comes over and a parent tells a child to greet that person with a hug or a kiss . But as physical touch vanished during the pandemic, the pressure put on kids to physically greet people waned, and experts say its a practice we should stick with after the pandemic. "We want our kids to trust their intuition, especially when it relates to body autonomy. We also want kids to have a sense of agency when it comes to their intuition and their bodies, which is an important part of their emerging sexuality," Zaloom says.  Peterson agrees children should have personal autonomy, but she notes each household's cultural background will play a role in whether the lack of emphasis on physical greetings sticks.  Physical greetings can vary greatly from culture to culture. In Sudan, it's common to go in for a hug, two kisses on the cheek and end the greeting with a handshake (yes, all at once), while in Miami, it's not unusual to see people air-kissing hello. Peterson says now is a perfect time for parents to have that discussion with their kids and help guide them in making decisions about how they'd like to greet people. The idea is not to cancel hugs for relatives but rather to lessen the pressure put on kids; if the child wants to go for the hug, they should. But it should be up to them.  "Everyone doesn't view children as being able to make their own decisions even though … they should definitely be able to say who they want to touch, hug and all those other things with their bodies."  Adults, too, are encouraged to be open and communicative about their physical boundaries. Hugs, kisses and handshakes may not immediately disappear and they don't have to, but we can be more cognizant of how people want to be treated and respect that, Zaloom says. "Instead of thinking about if we should do away with this or add that, I think our energy is better spent shifting the culture to be more accepting of what feels acceptable to both people who are engaged in the greeting," Zaloom says. Though some people may be yearning for physical touch, the pandemic has shown us handshakes may not be the best remedy. “I don’t think we should ever shake hands ever again,” Dr.  Anthony Fauci , director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser,  said in May 2020. “We’ve got to break that custom. Because as a matter of fact, that is really one of the major ways that you can transmit a respiratory illness.” Instead of handshakes, Zaloom suggests "an enthusiastic or meaningful verbal salutation, a bow, a head nod and smile, or drop a beat on your greeting and do a mini dance." Peterson says physical touch is important especially for people who rely on nonverbal validation or affection.


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Willmar Wye-related roadwork could be done by July 4, BNSF rail line construction to begin in May The road construction portion of the Willmar Wye project has restarted, with MnDOT hoping to have it completed by July 4. BNSF Railway is scheduled to begin construction of the new rail line in May. All of this is weather permitting. Crews are building the bridge deck for the new Minnesota Highway 40 bridge that will move motor vehicle traffic over the Willmar Wye rail line. Road construction on the Willmar Wye should be completed by July. Minnesota Department of Transportation photo WILLMAR — As winter has slipped away, a new Minnesota season is beginning — road construction. This also means the restarting of the Willmar Wye construction, specifically the conclusion of the road portion of the project. The Wye, also known as the Willmar Rail Connector and Industrial Access Project , will create a railroad bypass west of Willmar that will allow trains to travel between the Morris and Marshal subdivision tracks without having to turn around in downtown Willmar. Road work has included the realignment of U.S. Highway 12, reconstruction of state Highway 40, and new bridges on Highway 12 and Highway 40 that will carry motor vehicle traffic over the top of the new rail line. Two new roundabouts were also constructed web on the realigned Highway 12. Road construction began in July 2019 . Work recommenced this year in late March, with crews first focusing on the new bridge on Highway 40. The bridge decks are going up, with concrete pouring expected to begin in mid-April. Also tops on the construction to-do-list is completing the connections of the new Highway 12. Early winter weather in October 2020 pushed off the work until spring.