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May 07, 2021  

   • North America (USA, Canada and Mexico)    • Europe (Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and Italy)    • Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia)    • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)    • Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa) (Exclusive Offer: Flat 30% discount on this report) Request a Discount on the report @ https://reportsglobe.com/ask-for-discount/?rid=5657 The ARM Microprocessor market report has been segregated based on various categories such as product type, application, end-user, and region. Each segment is rated based on CAGR, share and growth potential. In the regional analysis, the report highlights the potential region that is expected to create opportunities in the ARM Microprocessor market in the coming years. This segment analysis will surely prove to be a useful tool for readers, stakeholders and market participants to get a complete picture of the ARM Microprocessor market and its growth potential in the years to come. • What is the growth potential of the ARM Microprocessor market? • Which product segment will have the lion's share? • Which regional market will pioneer in the coming years? • Which application segment will grow sustainably? • What growth opportunities could arise in the ARM Microprocessor industry in the coming years? • What are the greatest challenges that the ARM Microprocessor market could face in the future? • Who are the main companies in the ARM Microprocessor market? • What are the main trends that will positively affect the growth of the market? • What are the growth strategies players are pursuing to maintain their position in the ARM Microprocessor market? View market snapshot before purchasing @ https://reportsglobe.com/product/global-arm-microprocessor-market/ Chapter 5 Market Size Segment by Application Chapter 6 North America by Country, Type, and Application Chapter 7 Europe by country, type and application Chapter 8 Asia Pacific by Region, Type, and Application Chapter 9 South America by Country, Type and Application Chapter 10 Middle East and Africa by Country, Type, and Application Chapter 11 Research Findings and Conclusions Request customization of the report @ https://reportsglobe.com/need-customization/?rid=5657 Please contact us if you would like more information about the report. If you have any special requirements and would like customization, please let us know. We will then offer the report as you wish. How Reports Globe is different than other Market Research Providers: The inception of Reports Globe has been backed by providing clients with a holistic view of market conditions and future possibilities/opportunities to reap maximum profits out of their businesses and assist in decision making.


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Among other things, the administration said it would speed permits for projects along the East Coast, invest in research and development, offer federal loan guarantees for offshore wind development, and invest in port improvements around the country to make it easier to build new offshore wind facilities. “It is unprecedented and shows a recognition of how complex offshore wind is, and that it takes a lot of pieces to come together to make it work,” said Catherine Bowes, program director for offshore wind for the National Wildlife Federation. The National Wildlife Federation, like many other environmental groups, supports offshore wind for its unique potential to provide massive amounts of clean power. “We truly don’t believe that we can meet the climate and energy goals that both people and wildlife need without responsible offshore wind,” Bowes said. Europe erected the first offshore wind turbines 20 years ago and is the world leader in offshore wind. The industry has been slower to get off the ground in the United States, where it has faced regulatory hurdles and opposition from the fishing industry and some onshore landowners. The first attempt at offshore wind in the United States was mired in conflict. Developers gave up on the Cape Wind project in 2017, after multiple lawsuits and years of back-and-forth on permitting and plans. The project in tony Nantucket Sound off Massachusetts met opposition from high-profile homeowners nearby, including members of the Kennedy family and businessman William Koch, a rare alliance. The Obama administration promoted offshore wind as part of its climate plan, but did not coordinate more info here programs among agencies to support the industry. Many pending permits sat in the doldrums during the Trump administration, which did not prioritize renewable energy. Biden administration officials say they will expedite the regulatory process. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management committed to review at least 16 construction and operations plans for pending projects by 2025 and advance new lease sales. Several key factors make offshore wind more viable now than ever before. The development of bigger, more efficient turbines means that offshore wind can produce more energy at lower prices. New technology also allows for development farther offshore, capitalizing on stronger winds and reducing some of the conflicts with coastal communities and wildlife. And states are increasingly looking offshore as an economic and environmental windfall. Last fall, the governors of Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina signed a joint  memorandum of understanding  to work together as a three-state hub for offshore wind energy—an attempt to create an attractive environment for business investment and compete with the Northeast’s market. In North Carolina, the state’s Department of Commerce commissioned a  report , released in March, that said the state’s manufacturers could profit from the “rapidly developing market” for offshore wind.